System Center: What's New in April 2020

In this summary, that we report on a monthly basis, the main announcements regarding System Center are listed, accompanied by the necessary references to be able to conduct further studies on.

System Center Operation Manager (SCOM)

SCOM 2019: Hotfixes for alert management

For SCOM 2019 UR1 was introduced this hotfix which solves several issues regarding the management of alerts.

SCOM 2016: Update Rollup 9

The Update Rollup 9 and for SCOM 2016 introduces fixes to different issues, for more information on this, you can see the specific KB.

New dashboards for the Azure Management Pack

Using the Azure Management Pack (MP) you can monitor Azure subscriptions and resources from SCOM. SCOM's console natively shows alerts and resource status collectively in a single view, without providing the ability to apply filters of any kind. The introduction of the new dashboards resolves this limitation. These are the main benefits introduced:

  • View Azure resources in SCOM in a similar way to the Azure portal.
  • Easily filter and locate resources.
  • Instantly view subscriptions, resource groups and alerts for each Azure resource.
  • Possibility to have modern dashboards with sorting functionality, layout, filter and search.

Adopting these new dashboards requires SCOM 2019. In this link you can access the information you need to activate and configure your Azure MP.

System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM)

SCVMM 2016: Update Rollup 9

The Update Rollup 9 for SCVMM 2016, in addition to remedying some problems, it introduces the following functions:

  • Ability to deploy Ubuntu Virtual Machines 18.04.
  • VM Connect Console Support Using 'Enhanced Session'

For further details please visit the specific KB.

System Center Data Protection Manager (SCDPM)

SCDPM 2016: Update Rollup 9

The’Update Rollup 9 for SCDPM 2016 in addition to a correction on the pruning jobs, it introduces the following changes:

  • Add an authentication layer for what you consider critical. You will be asked for a security PIN when operations are performed like Stop Protection with Delete data.
  • Adding the parameter -CheckReplicaFragmentation property cmdlet Copy-DPMDatasourceReplica, which calculates the percentage of fragmentation for a replica.

System Center Service Manager (SCSM)

SCSM 2016: Update Rollup 9

The Update Rollup 9 for SCSM 2016 only introduces fixes to problems, for information about it, you can consult the specific KB.

System Center Evaluation

To evaluate the various components of System Center, you must access theEvaluation Center and, after registering, you can start the trial period.

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