Azure management services and System Center: What's New in August 2019

Microsoft constantly releases news regarding the Azure management services and System Center. Our community publishes this monthly summary to provide an overview of the top news released in the last month. This allows you to stay up-to-date on these topics and have the necessary references to conduct further investigations.

Azure Site Recovery

New Update Rollup

For Azure Site Recovery was released theUpdate Rollup 39 that solves several issues and introduces some improvements. The details and the procedure to follow for the installation can be found in the specific KB.

Availability in new regions

Azure Site Recovery is now available in these new regions: West India, UAE Central, UAE North, South Africa North, and South Africa West.

Disaster recovery of Azure Disk Encryption-enabled virtual machines

Azure Site Recovery introduced support for virtual machines with disks that use Azure Disk Encryption without using Azure Active Directory app. This feature is currently only supported for Windows virtual machines that use managed disks. Soon will be introduced the support for Linux virtual machines, using managed disks.

Monitor in Log Analytics

The ability to send diagnostic logs to a Log Analytics workspace has been introduced to the Site Recovery vault. These logs are generated in addition to virtual machines in Azure, also from VMware virtual machines and physical systems protected by Azure Site Recovery.

Azure Backup

Availability in new regions

Azure Backup can now also be used in these new regions: West India, UAE Central, UAE North, South Africa North, and South Africa West.

Support for disks up to 30 TB

For Azure Backup has been announced support, currently in limited public preview, for large Managed disks, up to 30TB. For further information you can consult this article.

Soft Delete for protected virtual machines

In order to increase the protection of the backups made by Azure Backup, was introduced the soft delete for IaaS virtual machines. This allows you to have a higher level of protection from accidental or malicious deletions of IaaS VMs backups.

System Center Configuration Manager

New releases for the Technical Preview Branch

For Configuration Manager was released the update 1908 that among the main innovations there is the ability to activate the’High Performance Power Plan during the execution of the task sequence, for performance benefits.

Furthermore, it was released the update 1908.02 that includes the integration with Teams messaging in the Configuration Manager console.

To check the details of what's included in these updates, you can see this document for update 1908 and this document for update 1908.02.

Please note that the Technical Preview Branch releases help you to evaluate new features of SCCM and it is recommended to apply these updates only in test environments.

Evaluation of Azure and System Center

To test and evaluate free of charge the service offered by Azure you can access this page, while to try out the various components of System Center you must Access to theEvaluation Center and, after registering, you can start the trial period.

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