Azure IaaS and Azure Stack: announcements and updates (September 2019 – Weeks: 35 and 36)

This series of blog posts includes the most important announcements and major updates regarding Azure infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and Azure Stack, officialized by Microsoft in the last two weeks.


Microsoft Azure available from new cloud regions in Switzerland

Microsoft announced the availability of new Azure Regions in Switzerland. With the Azure Region Switzerland West and Switzerland North, Microsoft addresses the need of customers to have cloud regions and datacenters available in Switzerland. Remember that not all services are available in all Azure regions. You can find more information about the products and services available in the Swiss Azure regions on the Azure website.

31 new Azure edge sites

Microsoft announced the addition of 31 new edge sites, bringing the total to over 150 across more than 50 countries. Microsoft is also adding 14 new meet-me sites to Azure ExpressRoute to further enable and expand access to dedicated private connections between customers’ on-premises environments and Azure.

Azure Firewall in China

Azure Firewall is also available in China.

Azure DevTest Labs now integrates with Azure Bastion

Azure DevTest Labs now integrates with Azure Bastion, enabling you to connect to your virtual machines through a web browser. Azure Bastion provides secure and seamless RDP/SSH connectivity to your virtual machines directly in the Azure portal over SSL. As a lab owner, it’s possible to enable your lab virtual machines to have browser-based access provided they’re created in a virtual network that has Azure Bastion configured on it.

Azure Stack

Azure App Service on Azure Stack Update 7 (1.7)

This release updates the resource provider and brings the following key capabilities and fixes:

  • Updates to **App Service Tenant, Admin, Functions portals and Kudu tools**. Consistent with Azure Stack Portal SDK version.
  • Updates to core service to improve reliability and error messaging enabling easier diagnosis of common issues.
  • Access Restrictions now enabled in User Portal

All other fixes and updates are detailed in the App Service on Azure Stack Update Seven Release Notes.

Diagnostic log collection is generally available for Azure Stack

The Azure Stack diagnostic log collection service provides a simplified way for Azure Stack operators to collect and share diagnostic logs with Microsoft Customer Support Services (CSS). A new user experience in the Azure Stack administrator portal is available for operators to set up the automatic upload of diagnostic logs to a storage blob when certain critical alerts are raised, or to perform the same operation on demand.

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