Azure management services and System Center: What's New in July 2019

Microsoft announces constantly news about Azure management services and System Center. As usual our community releases this monthly summary that provides a general overview of the main new features of the month, in order to stay up to date on these topics and have the necessary references to conduct further exploration.

Azure Log Analytics

Availability in new regions
Azure Log Analytics is now also possible to activate it in these new regions: South Africa North, Brazil South, UK West and North Central US.

New search capabilities in Azure Monitor Log

Azure Log Monitor has introduced the ability to check the logs directly on specific Azure resources, thereby allowing you the ability to filter it more easily on the resource. The logs are also aggregated from all workspaces that contain logs associated with that specific resource.

What's new in the interface

In July there have been several innovations in the interface of Log Analytics, described in detail in this article.

Azure Automation

Azure Update Management: non-targeted in Azure

In Azure Update Management it was introduced the feature that allows dynamic targeting, with systems not in Azure environment, for deployments of patches. The machines not in the Azure environment can be dynamically added to the patch distributions based on the criteria specified in a saved search in Log Analytics.

Azure Site Recovery

Added support for disks of size up to 8 TB

In Azure Site Recovery you can now protect data disks of size up to 8 TB. This functionality is available for all virtual machines with Azure managed disks and also for all the on-premises machines that are replicated on managed disks.

System Center Configuration Manager

New release for the Technical Preview Branch

For Configuration Manager was released the update 1907 that among the main innovations provides the ability to search in the Task Sequence Editor, useful when you have a particularly complex Task Sequence.

To verify the details about what's new in this update you can see this document.

Please note that the Technical Preview Branch releases help you to evaluate new features of SCCM and it is recommended to apply these updates only in test environments.

Desktop Analytics available in Public Preview

The solution Desktop Analytics is available in public preview. It is a tool that can provide useful information and provide the automation necessary to keep update your Windows machines. The possible integration of Desktop Analytics with System Center Configuration Manager, adds the value given by the cloud solution to the local infrastructure.

Released version 1906 for the Current Branch

There are many new features in this release designed to enrich and improve different features of the solution. The main innovation is the integration with Desktop Analytics. To get the complete list of new features introduced with this build, you can consultthis official document. The transition to version 1906 can be done by following theinstallation checklist, at the end of which it is appropriate to continue with theChecklist post-update.

Evaluation of Azure and System Center

To test and evaluate free of charge the service offered by Azure you can access this page, while to try out the various components of System Center you must Access to theEvaluation Center and, after registering, you can start the trial period.

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