Nuove funzionalità introdotte dall’Update Rollup 6 di VMM 2012 R2

A few days ago was officially released the Update Rollup 6 for System Center 2012 R2.

This article will discuss in detail the new features introduced by the Update Rollup 6 Virtual Machine Manager 2012 R2.

Unified management of hybrid cloud environments by VMM console

  • The Update Rollup 6 VMM introduces the useful ability to add subscription Microsoft Azure in VMM. After you add a Microsoft Azure subscription you can not only view the public cloud instances of Azure directly from VMM console, but also perform simple operations on them. These actions are currently available:
      • Start
      • Stop
      • Shutdown
      • Restart
      • Connect via RDP

For more details about you can see the following Technet article: Adding an Azure subscription in System Center VMM 2012 R2 with Update Rollup 6.

In this regard it is worth noting that in all likelihood will in future be WAP, the focal point of management, both on-premise that workloads of those present on Microsoft Azure.

Improved support for hybrid cloud environments

  • System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 R2 with Update Rollup 6 allows the user to configure disaster recovery scenarios on-premises toward on-premises or on-premises to Azure. SCVMM does not currently enable security Microsoft Azure Site Recovery for virtual machines that are on an on-premises security to Azure cloud if the VM does not have specified the version of the operating system, or the disk that holds the operating system. Before this update if a VM had an unsupported configuration for replication scenarios because of the settings above did not appear any error message in VMM, but only on the portal ASR. With the UR6 pops up an error message related to this type of unsupported configuration and how you must adapt it (VMM logs task).

For more information about the requirements to enable ASR, I invite you to consult the following document: Prerequisites and scenarios supported by Azure Site Recovery.


  • The Update Rollup 6 It also introduces two new rules on Hyper-V hosts in order to calculate the actual use of the network of virtual machines. The two new rule are as follows and measure the total traffic in inbound and outbound expressed in kilobytes (KB) for vNic for VM:
  1. Total Inbound vNic Network traffic collection rule
  2. Total Outbound vNic Network traffic collection rule


These steps to collect this data for each virtual machine:

  1. If not enabled you must enable theHyper-V Metering;
  2. Run Measure-VM;
  3. Collect metering data for each remote address for vNic.

By default this rule are executed every hour, but by changing the IntervalSeconds You can make them with a minimum frequency of 5 minutes (300 seconds).

This rule can be very useful to implement chargeback systems through WAP based network usage.

I remind you that in the previous version of VMM was not measured the actual data traffic, but only the throughput.

  • System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 R2 allows you to place the virtual machine replication over a Cloud, or on a Host Group. Prior to YOUR 6 VMM considered all resources allocated to the virtual machine are replicated as in use. This implied that it was not allowed to insert new VM replicas on a Cloud, or on a Host Group if the total capacity of all the VMS replicated was better than Cloud or Host capacity Group that housed. This approach guarantees that they can be turned on simultaneously all replicated virtual machines, but in certain scenarios Enterprise or Hoster may be not optimal.
    For this reason the Update Rollup 6 introduces the possibility of going to overcommit in a Cloud or on a Host Group by configuring the registry (IgnoreMemoryForStoppedReplicaVM = 1) on the VMM server.

Added support for next-generation Service VMS and VM Role

  • Thanks to this Update Rollup introduces support for virtual machine Generation 2 in Service and VM Role used in WAP. Deployment of tiered services there will be the possibility, After you install the UR6, Choose the generation of virtual machines for single tier. By using the WAP interface users can also deploy virtual machines by Generation 2 using the VM Role.


I remind you that the Update Rollup 6 Virtual Machine Manager 2012 R2, In addition to introducing the new features described above, also addresses a long list of problems (-> 46). For this reason it is strongly recommended that you install. L’aggiornamento interessa la componente server di Virtual Machine Manager, le console e i vari remote agent. L’ Update Rollup 6 for System Center 2012 R2 non contiene invece aggiornamenti per App Controller.


In seguito trovare i link alle Knowledge Base Microsoft dell’UR6 per VMM 2012 R2 e per WAP:

KB3050317Update Rollup 6 for System Center 2012 R2 Virtual Machine Manager

KB3051166Update Rollup 6 for Windows Azure Pack

KB3051142Update Rollup 6 for Windows Azure Pack Web Sites version 2


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