Azure Arc Site Manager: the solution for managing and governing on-premises IT resources

Azure Arc Site Manager is an innovative solution for system administrators, designed to offer centralized management of IT resources, associating them with the physical or logical locations of customer infrastructures and facilitating governance of these resources. This tool simplifies connection monitoring, alert management, and resource update statuses, enabling administrators to apply fixes and updates uniformly across all resources. Azure Arc Site Manager allows for the management and monitoring of on-premises environments as Azure Arc sites, providing a tailored experience for on-premises scenarios where infrastructure is often managed within common physical boundaries, such as stores or factories. With a unified view of distributed resources, this tool becomes indispensable for improving operational efficiency and ensuring optimal control of IT resources, supporting effective and targeted governance. This article will outline the main features of this solution.

Customer Challenges

Customers often face numerous challenges in managing on-premises infrastructures, especially when dealing with different types of resources distributed across various locations. In many situations, this requires using different dashboards to monitor the status and security of resources. This fragmented approach not only complicates overall management but can also significantly reduce operational efficiency, increasing the risk of errors and delays in responding to critical issues.

Arc Site Manager Features

Arc Site Manager has been developed to address the challenges of managing IT infrastructures, offering a range of key features:

  • Centralized Resource Management: Provides a unified platform for managing resources associated with the physical or logical locations of customers’ IT infrastructures, allowing an overview of resources distributed across different sites.
  • Connection Monitoring: Simplifies monitoring connections between Azure resources, ensuring they are always operational and connected. Administrators can quickly identify resources that need attention.
  • Alert Management: Integrates Azure Monitor alerts, providing timely notifications regarding security issues, updates, and performance that require intervention.
  • Update Status: Offers an interface to monitor the update status of resources, ensuring they are always up to date with the latest patches.
  • Uniform Application of Fixes: Enables IT administrators to apply fixes and updates uniformly to all resources through the Arc Site Manager portal, simplifying management and reducing the risk of errors.
  • Customized Experiences: Provides personalized experiences using tools like Azure Monitor, Update Manager, and other services to be added in the future, allowing for targeted and specific resource management.
  • Logical Representation of Resources: Allows grouping of resources based on technical and business criteria, creating a logical representation consistent with the company’s needs.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These features do not replace the Azure Arc control plane but enhance it, providing a more user-friendly view of resources, useful for managing complex environments with multiple types of resources distributed across different physical sites.

Figure 1 – Solution Overview

Technical Aspects

When creating a site, it is associated with a resource group or a subscription. The Arc site automatically collects all supported resources within its scope. Arc sites have a 1:1 relationship with resource groups and subscriptions: a site can only be associated with one resource group and one subscription, and vice versa.

Figure 2 – Arc Site Manager Console

Arc Site Manager allows customers managing on-premises infrastructures to view resources based on their site or physical location. However, sites do not necessarily have to be associated with a physical location; they can be used according to customer needs, grouping resources by function or type rather than location.

For more details, I invite you to watch this video with an interesting demo.

Future Developments

Future plans for Arc Site Manager include the ability to define dynamic site scopes, multiple hierarchical levels, more detailed monitoring views, and location-based capabilities. These new features aim to further enhance user experience and IT resource management, providing even more advanced and customized tools to meet the ever-evolving needs of IT administrators.


Azure Arc Site Manager represents a significant step forward in the management and governance of IT resources, offering administrators a centralized solution for monitoring, updating, and maintaining on-premises infrastructure. With advanced features such as centralized resource management, connection and alert monitoring, and the ability to apply updates uniformly, Arc Site Manager significantly simplifies the management of complex and distributed environments. Future expansions of its features promise to further improve operational efficiency and response capability to emerging challenges, making this tool highly valuable for companies looking to maintain optimal control over their IT resources.

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