Azure IaaS and Azure Stack: announcements and updates (February 2023 – Weeks: 07 and 08)

This series of blog posts includes the most important announcements and major updates regarding Azure infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and Azure Stack, officialized by Microsoft in the last two weeks.



Create disks from CMK-encrypted snapshots across subscriptions and in the same tenant

To ease manageability, Microsoft makes disks encrypted with customer-managed keys (CMK) more flexible by allowing creation of disks and snapshots from CMK-encrypted source across subscriptions.

Incremental snapshots for Premium SSD v2 Disk Storage (preview)

Incremental snapshots for Premium SSD v2 Disk Storage in the US East and West Europe Azure region are available. This new capability is particularly important to customers who want to create a backup copy of their data stored on disks to recover from accidental deletes, or to have a last line of defense against ransomware attacks, or to ensure business continuity. You can now create incremental snapshots for Premium SSD v2 Disk Storage on Standard HDD. Additionally, snapshot resources can be used to store incremental backups of your disk, create or recover to new disks, or download snapshots to on-premises locations. This new feature adds an extra layer of data protection and flexibility for users.

Azure Managed Lustre (preview)

Azure Managed Lustre is a managed, pay-as-you-go file system purpose-built for high-performance computing (HPC) and AI workloads. This high-performance distributed parallel file system delivers hundreds of GBps storage bandwidth and solid-state disk latency and integrates fully with Azure services such as Azure HPC Compute, Azure Kubernetes Service, and Azure Machine Learning.

Use this system to:

  • Simplify operations
  • Reduce setup costs
  • Eliminate complex maintenance

Azure NetApp Files updates (preview)

  • Azure NetApp Files volume user and group quotas: in some scenarios you may want to limit this storage consumption of users and groups within the volume. With Azure NetApp Files volume and group quotas you can now do so. User and/or group quotas enable you to restrict the storage space that a user or group can use within a specific Azure NetApp Files volume. You can choose to set default (same for all users) or individual user quotas on all NFS, SMB, and dual protocol-enabled volumes. On all NFS-enabled volumes, you can set default (same for all users) or individual group quotas.
  • You can now create Azure NetApp Files large volumes between 100TiB to 500TiB in size.
  • Azure NetApp Files now supports smaller 2TiB capacity pool sizes, lowered from 4TiB, when used with volumes using standard network features.
  • Azure NetApp Files volumes now support encryption with customer-managed keys (CMK), using Azure Key Vault for key storage, to enable an extra layer of security for data at rest.

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