Azure Management services: what's new in May 2022

To stay up to date on news regarding Azure Management services, this summary is released monthly, allowing you to have an overview of the main new features of the month. In this article you will find the announcements summarized and accompanied by the necessary references to be able to carry out further information.

The following diagram shows the different areas related to management, which are covered in this series of articles, in order to stay up to date on these topics and to better deploy and maintain applications and resources.

Figure 1 – Management services in Azure overview


Azure Arc

Support for private endpoints for Azure Arc-enabled servers

Private endpoints for Azure Arc-enabled servers allow you to manage Windows and Linux servers from Azure without having to send network traffic over the Internet, thus ensuring greater security. The servers can be configured for the use of a private endpoint by associating them with an Azure Arc Private Link Scope and connecting the on-premises network to an Azure virtual network using a site-to-site VPN or Express Route.

Azure Cost Management

Updates related toAzure Cost Management and Billing

Microsoft is constantly looking for new methodologies to improve Azure Cost Management and Billing, the solution to provide greater visibility into where costs are accumulating in the cloud, identify and prevent erroneous spending patterns and optimize costs . Inthis article some of the latest improvements and updates regarding this solution are reported, including:


Microsoft Defender for Cloud

New features, bug fixes and deprecated features of Microsoft Defender for Cloud

Microsoft Defender for Cloud development is constantly evolving and improvements are being made on an ongoing basis. To stay up to date on the latest developments, Microsoft updates this page, this provides information about new features, bug fixes and deprecated features. In particular, this month the main news concern:


Azure Backup

Support for Azure virtual machines with trusted launch technologies

Trusted launch is a simple method, to improve the security of second generation virtual machines, which allows you to get protection from advanced attack techniques, combining technologies that can be independently enabled, such as secure boot and the virtualized version of the Trusted Platform Module (vTPM). Azure Backup introduced support for protecting Azure VMs with trusted launch features enabled.

Support for disks that use the Write Accelerator functionality

Azure Backup is now able to protect disks with the Write Accelerator feature enabled. These disks are widely used by Azure customers with virtual machines (VM) M series to improve I / O latency of writes over Azure Premium storage.


Azure Migrate

New migration features for applications (preview)

The Azure Migrate tool has been integrated with additional features that simplify the movement of applications from on-premises environments to Azure App Service and to the Azure Kubernetes service. The bulk migration capabilities of Azure App Service allows you to:

  • Do the discovery and assessment of ASP.NET Web apps, ranking which apps are ready for migration
  • Suggest a destination for migration
  • Do the discovery and assessment for the migration of Java Tomcat applications to the Linux App Service services and to the Azure Kubernetes Service.
  • Containerize ASP.NET web apps and move them to Windows containers on App Service or Azure Kubernetes Service.

New Azure Migrate releases and features

Azure Migrate is the service in Azure that includes a large portfolio of tools that you can use, through a guided experience, to address effectively the most common migration scenarios. To stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the solution, please consult this page, that provides information about new releases and features.

Evaluation of Azure

To test for free and evaluate the services provided by Azure you can access this page.

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